"He Loved Them to the End" - Reflecting on the Path of the Cross during Lent

The annual Lent season - the forty days leading up to Easter - is the time of the year that provides believers with the opportunity to deeply reflect on the life of Jesus Christ, and specifically, his last days and hours leading up to the cross.

WOA Offers Prayers for Peace in Ukraine

The World Olivet Assembly and its churches around the world are offering prayers for the restoration of peace in Ukraine. Greatly concerned and deeply saddened about the conflict, WOA prays for protection and comfort for all those affected and a prompt return to diplomacy. May God in His mercy intervene and prevent more suffering and loss of life.

WOA Churches Prepare for Christmas Retreats Focused Christ: the Light that Shines in the Darkness

With Christmas coming closer, World Olivet Assembly (WOA) churches around the world are preparing for the annual Christmas retreats.

Saint Luke Society Completes 4-Day Medical Mission Trip in One of Colombia's Most Disadvantaged Regions

Saint Luke Society (SLS), an evangelical medical ministry affiliated with the World Olivet Assembly that is made up of professional doctors and nurses,

WOA Churches Commence Easter Retreats Commemorating Christ’s Death and Resurrection

Today on Good Friday, World Olivet Assembly (WOA) churches around the world have started off local and regional Easter retreats to commemorate the path of Jesus Christ to the cross, his sacrificial death, and then his resurrection to life on the third day – Easter Sunday.

WOA Affiliated Medical Fellowship Sends 'Corona Hope Kits' to Bolivia

Saint Luke Society (SLS), an evangelical medical ministry affiliated with the World Olivet Assembly, recently sent 'Corona Hope Kits' to Bolivia to respond to the lack of facial masks and hygienic items among less affluent people in the country.
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World Evangelical Alliance Leader Visits WOA HQ, Spends Time in Fellowship
World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Ambassador for Religious Freedom and member of the International Council Godfrey Yogarajah visited the World Olivet Assembly (WOA) headquarters in Dover, NY to spend a day and a half between Thanksgiving and his meetings in Washington, D.C. following the weekend.
WOA World General Assembly Emphasizes Digital Outreach, Reignites Fire to Fulfill Great Commission
The World Olivet Assembly's 29th World General Assembly held from October 28-31 in St. Louis, MO, brought together church and mission leaders in-person and online for a time of worship, fellowship, sharing and strategizing. Delegates from the United States joined the event in person while international leaders from several dozen countries participated online.