AM Intl Members Begin 'Walk With Jesus' Program With Great Expectations

AM International members have gathered to begin the very first AM "Walk With Jesus" program. The program consists of 47 days of activities, including every day from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday.

Lent Arrives to Remind Us of True Meaning of the Cross of Jesus Christ

OA churches and ministries will offer Ash Wednesday Service to commence the Lenten period of 2019. In this season, Christians enter into another profound time of the liturgical year after Christmas to meditate on the theme of Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

AM North America Develops Lent Programs for March

AM North America is preparing for the Lent season which begins in just a few weeks. The NA headquarters and international headquarters began to develop an original devotional that AM members can follow for 40 days.

Olivet Center Europe Focuses on the Message of the Cross During the Lent

Lent period sermon series with focus to meditate on the path of the Cross started in first week of March in Olivet Center Europe (OC Europe).

OA North America Calls for Active Spring Mission Activity

Olivet Assembly North America (OA NA) recently encouraged churches about the purpose of their mission work, to ensure that their congregations can be continually fruitful.

SLS Launches its Online Community "Medical Rookie" for Youths

SLS launched its online community named 'Medical Rookie' which caters to students who are preparing to enter a medical school. It provides information about medical school course, knowledge, lifestyle of medical students, methods for study and so on.
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YEF Lent Project to Help Local Chapters Improve Online Media and Design
Youth Evangelical Fellowship is using the Lent period to better serve its local chapters by guiding and assisting them to improve their level of reporting about their activities on their websites and social media platforms.
SEA OLI to be Held in Manila, Focus on Discipleship Training
The theme and speaker of the OA Southeast Asia OLI in Manila, Philippines were confirmed. The date is set on March 15th to 17th.