GNIT & Creatio Celebrate 12th Anniversary in Dover

GNIT & Creatio Celebrates 12th Anniversary

Gospel & Information Technology (G&IT) and Creatio International celebrated their 12th anniversaries in the blessing of the Lord's grace at the World Olivet Center chapel in Dover, NY on Thursday, July 25.

The service included leaders of both ministries for presiding and prayer.

GNIT unites Christians to spread the good news of Jesus Christ by creating global digital infrastructure to build modern-day networks and systems for Christian communities.

Creatio International supports Christian arts communities in advancing creativity, skill and collaboration within ministries

World Olivet Assembly General Secretary Pastor Mark Spisak delivered a message during the anniversary service based on passages from Romans 10, verses 8 to 13. 

"It's joyful to celebrate any anniversary, but for Creatio and GNIT what is important? For any ministry it's salvation, to bring one more person to confess that Jesus is Lord," he said. "That is the ultimate purpose and focus. If we lose this in our ministry, we may lose the target and goal." 

He expressed the need for the Holy Spirit during that work.

"It's the Spirit that is pure and beautiful. When that spirit comes in we can create," he said. 

He said Psalm 19:1-4 speaks of how God reveals himself through the things seen. 

"Creatio helps us to see the beauty of God. When we see it, we have this desire to come to the Lord. What is the way to God? It is through Jesus Christ. What is the goal of these two fellowships? It's to see the salvation. To that end goal, we give our talents to God so he can use them. It's beautiful and amazing." He concluded. 

After the service, Creatio and G&IT celebrated with a cake cutting and group photo with service participants.