New Website Design Template for Web Churches to Boost Online Mission

Church website

As the pandemic restricted in-person gatherings and moved much of daily life online, World Olivet Assembly (WOA) launched a new mission strategy last year to adjust to the new realities for existing churches while at the same time expanding mission efforts to reach new audiences through online evangelism. Key in the effort have been the establishment of web churches that allowed local churches to pioneer neighboring cities by setting up a digital web presence and offering services, Bible studies and other activities remotely.

Social distancing, travel restrictions and lockdowns caused many people to feel isolated and led them to reflect more deeply about the meaning of their lives, which led to an increased interest in learning more about God. The digital web church approach brought the Word of God into their homes regardless where they live, and even regardless of whether there is a local church nearby. The web and social media opened up new opportunities to reach those who would otherwise not have had a chance to be invited to church activities because of where they live.

After hundreds of web churches gained experience over several months reaching thousands of people around the world, WOA is now developing and rolling out a refined template that will offer new functionalities and a more streamlined experience for desktop and mobile users. Audio and video contents, such as sermons and Bible study recordings, will be more visibly featured. And a new responsive design will allow mobile users to more easily navigate the site and find the information and resources they are looking for.

It is WOA's hope to bring the Good News of the Gospel and the hope of a new life in Jesus Christ to many more people, so that they would discover the meaning of their lives according to God's good will and plan. May the web churches that continue to be launched in new cities be used as a tool by the Holy Spirit to bring thirsty souls back to God.