St. Luke's Society Prepares for Impactful Medical Mission to Mongolia in Collaboration with CMDA and MEA

SLS in Mongolia

The St. Luke's Society (SLS) Healing Hands team recently completed a crucial site visit to Mongolia in preparation for a major medical mission set to take place in July. Over four days, from June 3rd to 6th, the team engaged in detailed planning and collaboration with local organizations to ensure the mission's success.

During the visit, SLS team members met with Professor Bazar Amarsaikhan from the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) in Mongolia and Executive Director Otgonbayar.B of the Mongolian Evangelical Alliance (MEA). These discussions, held at the MEA office, highlighted the significance of the upcoming mission, which coincides with the 25th-anniversary celebrations of the Mongolian Evangelical Alliance.

Jeong Chong-sin, the team leader of SLS, introduced the society's mission and goals. Otgonbayar.B expressed deep gratitude for the team's commitment to providing medical care, emphasizing the positive impact it will have on the community. "We are thankful that you will be coming to provide medical missions for the 300 pastors and local residents of Mongolia during the anniversary celebrations," Otgonbayar.B stated.

The mission aims to offer comprehensive health check-ups and medical consultations to the 300 pastors and underserved residents in the region. Pastor Titus and Pastor Sarah from the Mongolian God with Us Church played an instrumental role in facilitating communication and coordination during the visit.

The team also visited Bethel Church, located on the outskirts of the city. This church, a member of the Mongolian Evangelical Alliance, will serve as the mission's primary site. The two-story building features the church on the second floor and a café on the first floor, providing a welcoming and accessible environment for the mission's activities. In a heartwarming gesture, a local Mongolian who previously worked in Korea offered to prepare meals for the medical mission team.

On the Sunday preceding the mission's start, the team will join the congregation at Bethel Church for worship, fostering community spirit and solidarity. The thorough preparation by SLS included inspecting accommodations, meal locations, and local exploration sites, ensuring all logistics are in place for a smooth and effective mission.

Reflecting on the visit, Jeong Chong-sin shared his optimism and sense of purpose. "Since this is the first medical mission in the country, there were many things to check and concerns to address, but on the way back to Korea, we saw a double rainbow at the airport. It felt like God is blessing and paying attention to this medical mission in Mongolia. I am grateful for the service and support provided by all members of the Mongolian God with Us Church throughout the entire schedule. I am filled with great expectations and hope for the medical mission next month."

The St. Luke's Society's upcoming mission to Mongolia is poised to make a significant difference, bringing much-needed medical care to a community in need and strengthening bonds of international cooperation and goodwill.