Jubilee World & Elim International Revival Retreat Calls to Be a Witness of Christ

St. Louis

Jubilee World and Elim International commenced their first joint Revival Retreat in St. Louis, MO, incorporating praise and prayer nights to welcome the overflowing healing from the Holy Spirit.

For three days, congregations gathered every evening to draw their eyes again to the cross and majesty of Christ, encouraging each participant to sing out their devotion to the Lord.

Olivet Assembly USA & Canada offered their headquarter chapel to host the event. Jubilee World Director of Music, Pastor Marcus Lund, opened the Revival retreat with a message from Acts 1:1-9. The preacher addressed that Jesus announced to his disciples they would receive power from above, the Holy Spirit, Paraclete meaning "Comforter" in Greek. 

The disciples were told that they will be His witnesses from Jerusalem till the ends of the earth. More than water baptism, believers need to be empowered by the Spirit of God.  

Daily lectures, prayer meetings and worship session were held each day with praise and prayer nights. Elim International representative Pastor Swan Ham led the prayer, calling all attendees to repent in front of God and to receive the power of the Holy Spirit, to be the ones who witness the works of Christ everywhere they go.