Jubilee Constructs Own Recording Studio for Music Productions


Jubilee World Headquarters has begun the construction process for its recording studio. By the grace of God, they received abundant donations of furniture and recording equipment from an audio institute in St. Louis, Missouri, at the start of the year. This will enable Jubilee World to install a high end recording studio to advance the mission at the headquarters and produce numerous projects for the ministry. 

"I was so touched by the serving of staff as well as the new volunteers that are coming to the headquarters for the first time. They are serving with such grace, and it really bring joy to the project", explained Jubilee World President, Pastor Aaron Reppert.

Recently Jubilee World staff and volunteers were able to rearrange the rooms of the facilities that will serve as the studio and migrated furniture into the rooms in the beginning of March. They all testified the great grace of God who provided for the advancement of the ministry.

Jubilee World studio's development is a great blessing to the ministry to support many projects to be accomplished and Jubilee's mission to serve Christian musicians around the world.