New York Congregation Contributed Graceful Performances to Town of Dover Christmas Event

Dover Christmas Event Choir
Dover Christmas Event Choir
Dover Christmas Event Choir

In the evening of December 7th, congregations from New York contributed a graceful performances to the Christmas event held by the Town of Dover in Thomas J Boyce Park.

Organized by the Recreation Department of the Town of Dover, the event started at 5:00pm with parade and Christmas tree lighting followed by Christmas singers' performance, picture-taking with Santa, donuts, cookies, coffee, hot chocolate and stuffing the sleigh with non-perishable items for the people in need.

The 3rd and 4th grade girls of the church performed handbells "First Noel "and "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer". Ms.Terry, the event presider and the director of the Recreation Department, cried when watching the children's performance. "These kids are great; they are marvelous," she said to herself repeatedly with a lot of tears in her eyes.

"These girls practiced a lot by themselves at school. I think they already know the joy of worshipping God through playing musical instruments. Tonight God really gave them the power to tremble people's hearts, " commented Pastor Mifa Kim, the music director of the program.

Besides, over 30 congregation members sang "O Holy Night" powerfully and gracefully under the park pavilion, celebrating the peace brought by the birth of our Lord Jesus, praising Him as Christ the savior, and proclaiming His power and glory to the whole town. With Pastor Reuben Chae conducting the choir, higher and higher one-hearted singing voices pushed the event atmosphere to a new high and melted all the audience's hearts.

"The students' performance is so amazing and so touching. I feel the Town of Dover is full of praise tonight. When hearing Holy Night, I deeply feel this town needs the gospel so much. Not only Dover but every corner of the world needs Jesus Christ as savior," said one attendee.

New York state church has a strong sense of community service and participated in the events such as the Town Clean-up Day, blood donation to contribute to the public benefits of the neighborhood in the recent several months of this year. They finished 2019 gracefully by the same full participation in this Christmas event.