WOA-Affiliate Apostolos Missions Launches 'AM Academy'

AM Academy

Apostolos Missions (AM), an affiliate of the World Olivet Assembly, launched a new program to guide students from the beginning stages of being a first-time Bible study participant to a member who dedicates their life to Jesus Christ and volunteers within the fellowship. The free curriculum that follows AM's 5-Phase Program features several Bible study series, such as an in-depth look into the book of Romans, which help students and young people understand God's Word and especially the personal salvation found in Jesus Christ more deeply. They can then become members of their local AM chapter and are encouraged to share the Gospel with others.
"The purpose of AM Academy is to serve as a channel for ministry participation. Students are encouraged to not just remain as viewers of the Gospel, but truly be a do-er and taste the joy of serving together," AM leaders write in the introduction of the program. "Through serving together, our faith develops and the Word of God can be more deeply cemented into our hearts. It is also an opportunity to know God's will for your life, what your gifts are, and what unique place God has for you in His Kingdom service."

As an online and onsite discipleship program, AM Academy welcomes students to participate in four main areas of ministry: Praise & Worship, Online Outreach, Street Evangelism, and Multi-media. The schedules vary according to each ministry schedule and are flexible to involve busy students and working adults.

"The vision of AM has always been to be a hub for world mission; an organization that trains up and sends out the youth, following the tradition of the apostles. It is our prayer that the program will be an agent of God's work to serve as a launching pad for the youth world mission. May the website and academy continue to develop and be used as a platform for training, empowering, and commissioning the youth of this generation," AM leaders shared.

About AM:
Apostolos Missions International (AM) is an interdenominational ministry committed to spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth, testifying to the eternal love of the Lord. AM wishes to follow the tradition of the apostles who lived as people on a mission to proclaim the Word of God. Each of us also receive this calling from God to be sent out into the world as his hands and feet. We wish to dedicate our lives to follow the foot steps of Jesus and proclaim the Gospel until the ends of the earth. To learn more about AM, visit: www.amintl.org.