OA Latin Churches Share Reports on Church Growth and Evangelism

OA Churches in Latin America released hopeful reports on current mission progess. 

The Emanuel church in Chile held a graceful Thanksgiving service where everyone received much strength in the Holy Spirit. Commemorating the independence of Chile at the same time, the church hosted programs to share praises and testimonies. 

The news of young evangelists from Gratia Church in Peru was touching to those who look forward to the new revival. Prayer vigil, fasting and evangelism continue at Gratia, Peru.

Amid the political and social turmoil in Venezuela, OA churches revealed the resilient faith of brothers and sisters who keep daily prayer and evangelism. Especially, they expressed their concern for the youth group, whose future is being prayed for the Lord's guidance.  

The photos and news from various churches in Latin America reminded viewers of the need of earnest prayer and anticipation for mission revival.