Olivet Leadership Institute Training Held at Olivet Asia Pacific Center in Korea

OLI Asia

Bringing together emerging leaders from different Asian countries, the Olivet Assembly of the Asia Pacific region (OAAP) held a three-day training under the umbrella of the Olivet Leadership Institute (OLI). Dozens of participants gathered from May 3-5 for worship, prayer, lectures, and Bible studies that would deepen their faith and equip them to serve in God's Kingdom with the unique gifts and talents that God has entrusted to them.

Meeting at the scenic Olivet Asia Pacific Center in South Korea, the participants also spent time in fellowship, listened to each other's faith stories and heard about the mission situation in different countries. They also learned more about the history of the World Olivet Assembly, its humble beginnings but also the vast expansion that God allowed, so it could reach more than 160 countries by the last World General Assembly.

"All of these things have been accomplished by God's grace and by the guidance of His Holy Spirit. Our beginnings were like the mustard seed but have grown to become a tree where birds can nest in and find rest. As we move forward continuously, we hold onto our commission of preaching the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ (Acts 28:31)," Pastor Victor Ahn, General Secretary of OAAP, shared.

OLI's are held with the hope of seeing many young leaders rising up and devoting themselves for God's kingdom, for evangelizing many peoples and nations, and bringing them to Jesus Christ. The leaders that are trained through the OLI will go on to serve the Lord in various mission fields.

It is an education organization of World Olivet Assembly that focuses on training future leaders in Christian ministries. The leadership institute was officially launched in January 2013 with the purpose to educate good Christian leaders in a more systematic way. The institute set its aims to provide the knowledge and skill sets to enter or establish God's ministry and find success in the work. It is dedicated to serving members of churches and para-churches worldwide to meet their needs of becoming a leader for Christ.