OLI in OAPC with Asian Potential Leaders Conludes in Fullness of Grace


On December 29th, the Olivet Leadership Institute program for Asian prospective leaders at Olivet Asia Pacific Center ended in God's great grace. The OLI took place three days after the Christmas retreat. Five Bible lectures covered the book of Romans chapters 5 till 8. Additionally, two other lectures spoke about the theme, "Faith and Tradition".

Pastor Yoon encouraged participants to move forward with confidence in God's unbreakable love after being justified by grace. The lecture expounded the theme of sanctification in Romans 5-8. In the final lecture, the themes of God's predestination, universal salvation, and the kingdom of God were explained. Pastor Yoon said, "We are those who stand on the grace of Christ who saved us with His precious blood. And we are those who walk in the path of sanctification through the power of the Holy Spirit. Every day we should wash our clothes with the Holy Spirit with the conviction of God's endless love and His promise."

Closing service was offered with the theme of "Discipleship of Jesus" delivered by Pastor Simon Jang with the main text from Luke 9: 57-62. The message exhorted everyone to take the model of disciples of the Lord shown in the scripture. 

At the final remark, the preacher emphasized the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28: 18-19 and said, "Let's meditate on how the Lord Jesus Christ lived for us, and become disciples who follow His way. Let us become disciples who also raise others to follow Jesus."