G&IT Plans For Conscientious Machines License Project


G&IT has been establishing a plan for a new type of legal license that protects software created by their members. The copyright license will ensure that all software which incorporates its programming code must be utilized for good and conscientious purposes.

The open source community has developed many types of licenses to protect free uses of open source software. G&IT hopes to be able to release Conscientious Machines License with versions of similar licenses so that its members can freely share software with one another. With the protection provided by CML, the software developers will be able to rest assured that the developer's code will never be distributed within software that are designed with nefarious and immoral purposes.

In the cases that this license is broken, any of G&IT's software developers will be able to sue in many international courts around the world and be able to claim the copyright violation of their software. With legal power to deter others from utilizing the software for bad purposes, G&IT hopes to safeguard the members and provide a safe environment to share and develop software together.

G&IT hopes to release CML before grand 2020 GA next year. Please pray for G&IT to gain wisdom from God and be able to create a safe license such that more expansive development in IT can be made