G&IT Develops ERP System for Ministry Management


G&IT plans the development of ERP system for ministry management. ERP (:Enterprise Resource planning) is the online system to have a quick look the human resources, state and location of properties, domain name registered in each church, ministry, and fellowship.

The ERP system has a function for managing the domain names by cities, countries, continentals. Using this program, The person in charge can check whether domain name is or not, and then build a plan what to purchase new domain name arranged in order of priority.

When completing this system, they are going to add the function to manage websites. It produces a variety of information who is the person in charge, what kinds of project is running, what project is done or undone, which information do they need.

ERP system can also compile a database to record a present condition of finance, ownership of buildings, lands, furniture, machine, and tools etc. by group detailed. The purpose of ERP is to manage efficiently and systematically to keep up with the development speed of community throughout the world.

For build up this managing system, Let us pray to join forces with all programmers in our community and take part in this grand project.