GNIT Holds Forum Diversifying Ideas of Collaboration with Business as Mission

GNIT Holds Forum Diversifying Ideas of Collaboration with Business as Mission


GNIT(Gospel & Information Technology) held a forum where leaders from technology areas and business were invited. The forum of "Collaboration between Technology and Business as Mission" gathered also current students of IT college, Olivet alumni directors and managers working in Christian business ministries.

Several sessions and discussions aimed at presenting new perspectives and goals of partnering areas between Information Technology and Business. "Techonology is highly complex, constantly evolving. It should be utilized by close cooperation with business in order to contribute on various business models effectively," the director of GNIT branch in California said. 

One of speakers at the forum was focused on high-tech products which is emerging as modern IT areas and promising business model. How these tech worlds and commercial activities are corelated was introduced with vivid images and examples. Also, AI (Machine Learning), one of highly focused technique in modern time, was also presented with four main directions: Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, and Face Recognition. 

Diverse Christian business leaders and IT directors exchanged many useful ideas and proposals on future collaboration and development. 

"In one body of Christ, IT workers and Business people can find numerous tasks that they can serve together. The Lord will make the world better, brighter, much more convinient by their passionate devotion with their skills," Piao, the pastor from Olivet Chapel in Riverside, commented.