Matthew Henry’s Commentary Mobile App to Provide Easier Access

Olivet Institute of Technology students have been actively serving churches and students through technology. And recently, a group of OIT graduates launched a Bible commentary iOS application to help Christians and seminary students to better access to Bible resources.

Originally written in 1706, Matthew Henry Complete Commentary provides a condensed look at nearly every verse in the Bible. The Bible commentary contains over 5,850 and is an excellent Bible study resource for Christians and seminary students. But considering it's immense volume, the traditional paper book is not practical for daily use.

The application, named "Bible with Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary", makes the complete six-volume set of Matthew Henry's commentary available at our finger tips, with 4 versions of Bible, which are KJV, ASV, CKJV and CUV.

"Now you can read the Bible and commentary side by side, on all your mobile devices, anywhere, anytime," commented one team member.

"Mobile technology provides Christians with new opportunity to access to Bible and theology resources", commented the Director of OIT. "We encourage our students to apply emerging technologies and serve the Christian community."

The free application can be downloaded at