Olivet High School in Zambia Grows, Prepares Additional Capacity

Olivet Mission School

Olivet High School in Ndola, Zambia has been increasing its enrollment since it opened in January and is looking forward to adding additional capacity as more students come.


Olivet High School's function is to educate future Christian leaders that can work in the church and the country. One staff member also recently expressed he believes the school "is winning more souls."


Staff is working hard to continually improve administration to manage the school and provide a quality education to its students. The school aims to equip its facilities so it can provide all the necessities for a good learning environment.


Students start the day with morning devotions that include a message based on the bible and prayer. Students also have access to counseling and staff is meeting with parents to share about the school.


Staff working at the school includes members of Revival Church in Ndola, which is part of Olivet Assembly of Zambia and of the wider OA Africa regional network.