Olivet Mission High School Project Moves forward in Zambia

Olivet Misson High School had a meeting with the parents of the students from the church in Zambia.

From November 30, Olivet Assembly of Africa visited Ndola to move forward the Mission High School project. Missionaries James and Walter met many native coworkers to establish the mission high school in Ndola city.

By the Grace of the Lord, The number of students who want to join also has kept increasing with hope. Missionary James reported the progress of the school project and introduced a school education program. All church members were excited and joyful with a school program. With sharing logo design and uniform, missionary James introduced the school project and elected teachers and staffs for the school.

The school staff suggested coming to evening class after the Secondary program finished for the primary level of the students. They decided to make a plan to open the primary school as soon as possible.

The Olivet school decided to elect two teachers for operating grade 8 -10 first. The task team has started to organize school staffs during the time. They prayed together that God sends them good teachers who can give quality education and showing love as a child of God.

Missionary James shared that "Our school will be a blessing for the students and hope for children of our church and people near around. Many students will come if they know our school. So we will build our own high school building in a proper place near future."