Jubilee World Concert Glorifies God with World Mission Leaders


On October 30, Jubilee World held a concert during the 26thWOA General Assembly. An ensemble of 50 singers and string players gathered onstage, offering praise to God.


The concert commenced with two violin and viola solo performances, and featured entirely of original compositions and arranged by Jubilee World. The program included classic Jubilee songs such as "Do You Know the Meaning of the Cross" and "Cross 'Til Glory," and introduced recent favorites, such as "Look at Us" and "I May Walk in Your Way." Jubilee praise night also debuted a new original song: "If I Had a Thousand Lives." 

Jubilee songs are unique in their expressions of: the understanding of Jesus' love shown on the cross, an unspeakable level of gratitude for God's sacrifice, and a strong determination to walk the path of faith unconditionally as a result. "Jubilee compositions are very special because they are rich and deep and often sing about the cross in a way probably no one else can. Each song was embedded with deep emotion and a telling of the story of Christ's life," commented a mission leader who attended the concert.

This year's concert marks another milestone for further development of Jubilee World's network of musicians, as the ministry continues to form collaboration with local musicians, and raise up new generations of worshippers.