Jubilee World Growth in the First Month, New Intranet to be Launched

Jubilee World has come to see growth in its chapters across the globe, as each continent reported progress with fellowship expansion, musical developments, and a diversity of newcomers. 

Both North and Latin America chapters have been reporting a new influx of newcomers who are doing Bible studies with the ministers, as well as participating in concerts, and evangelistic efforts for the upcoming Easter Retreat.

Jubilee Asia Pacific progressed with the production of music album "All Power of Heaven," focusing on recording, mixing, and mastering. Meanwhile, its social media presence has significantly increased with platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Jubilee Japan Gospel Choir bore great fruits in gathering musicians, and Jubilee Youth also will be established in Japan. Leadership training and Easter concert program will propel forward in Jubilee Asia Pacific. 

Jubilee is also planning a to upgrade its intranet that can more effectively connect its members of Christian artists from around the world. The internal website will be featuring introductory video clips that showcase each member's musical skills, enhancing the network and becoming a resource for making shortlist of artists needed for events around the world.

Not only is Jubilee expected to grow, it is expected that it can be a fellowship where many artists can join the network of artists who wish to dedicate their gifts to God and to minister to His people, and it is off to a great start for 2018.