Olivet Seminary Implements Learning Management System Toward Global Expansion


Taking a step forward to lay a firm foundation for the establishment of seminaries across the world, the Olivet Seminary (OS) planting team has recently implemented a dedicated student information and learning management system that will serve as the platform to disseminate information and sharing of resources between students and lecturers.


Adopting the system known as 'Populi,' this system will serve to structure OS curriculums and manage students and lecturers' interaction, while tracking the learning progress of every OS student.

In preparation for OS Asia's upcoming Winter Quarter, five theological and Biblical courses that have been previously translated into Asian languages, namely, 'Introduction to Theology', 'God, Creation and Redemption', 'Spirit, Church and Hope', 'Historical Theology' and 'Introduction to New Testament', have been added to the 'Populi' platform recently.

This development is significant as the first commission of the OS planting team is to help Asia to set up a local seminary that provides certificate and advanced certificate level courses in the Asian languages. 

It is anticipated that it will serve as a precious platform for OS to motivate more students across the world to learn systematic theological knowledge in their respective native languages, while fulfilling its primary task of planting 153 seminaries globally.