Jubilee 14th Anniversary Service Proclaims “Our Life is Worship”


Sunday, July 10, 2016, Jubilee World attended the 14th Anniversary service in God's grace. Pastor Miriam Chou from New York preached the message from Leviticus 25:8-12, proclaiming that "our life is worship," the time when trumpet sounded everywhere on the Day of Atonement. In Christianity, music continues to develop because believers can sing of the joy of salvation from the Lord. Christian musicians' performances reflect the praise that comes genuinely from their hearts. As Pastor Miriam recalled the early years of Jubilee World, her trembling voice testified of the great faithfulness of God in leading Jubilee World to today's development. 14th Anniversary is truly a time of celebrating God's great work.


During the service, Jubilee Worship led congregants in graceful praise, and Jubilee Chorus gave choir dedication with the song "Then Sings My Soul." Leaders and representatives gathered in great honor to cut the anniversary cake in full joy. Thank God for another year of abundance in blessing, number of new members, and resources given to Jubilee.

Jubilee leaders also received a precious opportunity to tour around the Roberts Orpheum Theater, Jubilee's newly acquired theater that seats 1,700 people. The Orpheum Theater was built in 1917; next year, 2017, will mark its 100th year in existence. This historical landmark features beautiful architecture as well as incomparable acoustic quality. Jubilee leaders toured with gratitude and awe toward God our Provider. Please pray for the forthcoming renovations for this sight. May its purpose be restored to displaying the glory of God.