Jubilee NYC to Minister through Urban Missions Outreach

NYC Jubilee is planning for outreach events in order to give back to the community while witnessing through the performing arts. Through the Bowery Mission and Rescue Mission ministries, Jubilee will be giving performances to provide encouragement and support to the homeless that those respective missions take care of.

After their preparations and performances for the upcoming Easter Retreat, Jubilee NYC will begin preparing for this event they hold every season. Through visiting these non-profit mission programs, Jubilee seeks to give back in ways that can inspire these homeless populations and give them comfort  and knowledge that Jesus can give them with true peace.

They have already held performances at these organizations before and have made it a seasonal event for their fellowship because of the successful nature and good relationship with the missions. The organizations are grateful and thank Jubilee for their time in reaching out and allowing those under their care to praise the Lord when they are in times of their lives in which they need a lot of support.

Jubilee NYC hopes to continue to lift people up through their ministry by leading people through worship to see the glory of the Lord. Please pray for the success of this outreach to reach the hearts of more organizations and spread the word of what Jubilee is doing for Jesus Christ.