WETIA Announces Launch of EdBrite, an E-Learning Platform

The World Evangelical Theological Institute Alliance (WETIA) announced the launch of EdBrite, an E-Learning platform with an integrated student database. It is a revolutionary cloud-based system that allows any theological institute, seminary, college, university, ministry, non-profit, or organization to get up and running with an online education system quickly. 

EdBrite was started approximately one year ago by WETIA Executive Director Dr. Walker Tzeng, based on his experience with seminaries around the world. Development and coding was completed by Olivet Institute of Technology (OIT) graduate Zhao Yong.    

"With well over 400 schools in the WETIA network, we began seeing common needs among our institutions," explained Dr. Tzeng.  "Existing E-Learning like Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas designed for larger secular schools were too costly and complicated for smaller institutions."

"It was natural for us to build something easy, straight-forward, and affordable that WETIA schools could use," Dr. Tzeng continued.  "EdBrite is the perfect solution not only for WETIA schools, but any small organization."

EdBrite is currently free for any organization smaller than 50 users and is only $1/user/month after that, an affordable price point for any education program.  The platform is also multi-lingual with Chinese implemented and Spanish due to be complete next week. 

9 institutions have already signed up for the platform, many commenting about the nice design and powerful tools it offers. 

"I like the clean look of the whole thing and the different sections like files, and forums are the areas that I generally use for my class," Matthew Winslow, a professor at East Asia School of Theology in Singapore, a school of nearly 300 students. 

WETIA is currently in the process of contacting each of schools officials one by one from each of its 400 network schools, to demonstrate the system.  Dr. Tzeng has also been invited by the ICETE to speak at its conference in Turkey in November. 

Further development is ongoing for the EdBrite platform.  Plans are underway to integrate the platform with a Christian streaming-video organization that works with over 2,000 institutions in Latin America.  In addition, new features are being incorporated like a mobile app, social media components, and integration with financial, library, and recruitment database services. 

For more information about EdBrite, please visit: http://www.edbrite.com