Pastor Mark Spisak give sermon at the Olivet Chapel for New Year Service

WOA Churches Greeted the New Year by Offering the First to the Lord

World Olivet Assembly churches around the world greeted the New Year by offering a New Year's service at midnight, giving thanks for 2022 and offering the first moment of 2023 to the Lord.
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WOA Gives Thanks to God for a Blessed 2022, for Growth and Developments

World Olivet Assembly (WOA) is giving thanks to God for a richly blessed year of 2022. With the pandemic restrictions easing up in most countries and life returning to a more normal pace, churches around the world have resumed regular in-person programs, including worship services, retreats, Bible studies and more. All the while, the online outreach continued and led more seeking souls to find peace in the Lord Jesus Christ as they study God's Word and learn about His truth, love, salvation, forgiveness, and new life.