Late Summer Retreat of Mongolian Church Ended in Abundant Grace


God-With-Us Mongolian church has held late Summer Retreat for the days of September 13-15 with the theme "To the Kingdom of God". Pastor Sarah preached the messages centered on the parables of the kingdom of God from Matthew 13.

All participants were exhorted by the word that was preached to run together towards God's Kingdom that Jesus described to us in parables. Abundant grace from the lectures have filled also other activities throughout the gathering, such as prayer, praise and sharing. 

The church leaders were truly grateful that all the members of the congregation have revived their hearts and received new desire to explore the word of God more deeply. Attendees and church members expressed a wish to be more passionate for Kingdom of God and unite with one another through love of Christ as true family.

One member shared:  In the past few months I have lived very hard live feeling empty and meaningless. I tried hard to search ways to fill up my emptiness through physical things such as food and clothes. But through this retreat I have realized that I have lost essential things such as passion and commitment for the Kingdom of God and having deeper relationship with God. But through the messages at this gathering I have felt peace and fulfillment in my heart. And I realized clearly that life I should pursue is life of seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness just as Jesus taught us.