SLS International Medical Mission Concludes in Philippines

SLS International Medical Mission Concludes Successfully in Cebu

The St. Luke Society's International Medical Mission in Cebu, Philippines concluded successfully on July 30, after a three-day program.

Each day of the mission trip began with a morning service. The ministry then proceeded to a medical site to treat hundreds of people.

The mission trip was the second such event in the past two years. In contrast to the first mission trip, the second medical mission included not only the medical area site where doctors and medical staff treated patients, but it also included another area where the ministry prepared a biblical lecture and an introduction to St. Luke Society.

The medical services offered included treatment in orthopedics, dentistry, oriental medicine, internal medicine, and dispensing of pharmaceuticals. The treatment was free. Patients lined up and waited for their number to be called.

"We are very thankful for the Saint Luke Society doing medical mission in our Barangay," said one local member. "It gave us hope for us who are poor and cannot pay for medicine. Through them, we were healed and were given medicine. We really appreciate them coming to us."

A medical student who volunteered also shared. 

"Through the works of SLS, God's grace can be shown," the student said. "Many can be healed without the need to pay. Through these works, I wanted to be part of their organization doing good to the people who are in need."

The medical mission concluded on June 30 in Cebu. Please continue to pray for the ministry and future growth and development of the fellowship's members and those they will work with.