WOA-Affiliated Prayer Ministry Celebrates 14th Anniversary in Gratitude for What God Has Done

Elim Center International, a prayer ministry affiliated with World Olivet Assembly (WOA), celebrated its 14th anniversary with overflowing gratitude to God. In a service that was broadcast online to other chapters around the United States and the world, WOA General Secretary Rev. Mark Spisak acknowledged the tireless service of Elim ministers in passionately praying for global missions, compassionately praying for healing of spiritual and physical illnesses, and sacrificially interceding on behalf of many ministries, leaders and members around the world who request prayers.

Speaking about Ephesians 2:1-10, Rev. Spisak highlighted Elim Center's role as spiritual warriors and watchmen who continuously help people focus on Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on the cross. They are the ones who wake up God's people and give them strength to overcome the darkness of the world by the power of the Holy Spirit.

After the service, Elim ministers shared reflections and testimonies about God's work that has taken place in people's lives through prayer: healing, restoration, deliverance and various miraculous interventions where seemingly impossible and hopeless situations were turned around for good. They confessed that all that was accomplished was only by the power of God and should give glory to Him only.

Over the past fourteen years, Elim Center's ministry has grown to cover every continent of the world and continues to strive to establish a presence in each country. Though the pandemic has limited this year's opportunities for internships and training retreats, Elim continues to educate leaders and members in the area of prayer, intercession, counseling, pneumatology, and related topics.

About Elim:
Elim Center International is a prayer ministry within WOA that supports regional and national Olivet Assemblies as well as churches, ministries and individual members. Elim also educates and trains prayer ministers and leaders to become more professional in interceding and counseling those within their ministry or church.