YEF Atlanta Begins Posting on Social Media Site

To increase its public outreach, YEF Atlanta has started posting on Twitter, using the platform as a tool for evangelism and for encouraging college students.

YEF Atlanta is seeking to use the site to expand and market the fellowship more to the people they are hopeful can join.

"Posting about events and activities is important, but we truly want this to aid in our evangelism and in the finding of souls desperate for the Word of God," a YEF Atlanta leader.

YEF members and potential members who would like to know it the chapter has a social media page can now  check for updates. YEF Atlanta hopes to respond there to questions in comments given by students.

The chapter is praying God can guide the way as they start work on this new social media project.

YEF notes that in the days of the early church, people had to travel for days in order to evangelize and reach others. Now that communication is the fastest it has ever been, so there is no excuse for not being able to reach at least one person. 

"God has given us the means to do such amazing things these days," said a YEF Atlanta leader. "We truly want to take advantage and use them for the building of His kingdom as He surely intended."