AM HQ Prepares Welcome Week Guide for Upcoming Fall Semester

AM International is actively preparing its materials for the Fall as students will be returning to their campuses in about a month. It is imperative for missionaries and AM ministers to renew their strategies and approaches to evangelizing the youth. 

AM is updating its Welcome Week guide to include four main areas: Tabling & Booth Information; Questionnaire Template; Deep Conversation Strategies (questions & photos); and Updated Flyers. 

AM staff are deveoloping their campus evangelism strategy to reach out various categories of people including non-christians, former Christians, and Christians not actively involved in ministry activity.

AM recognizes campuses have a diversity of people with many ideas far from the truth.

AM HQ staff are passionate about improving evangelism and finding methods to facilitate this work more effectively. 

Leadership prays and hopes for the Welcome Week Guide to be finalized in July to prepare for the new semester in August.