OA North America Mission Conference Stresses Focal Points of Bible Teaching

US and Canada ministers held mission conference in early April to share reports and discuss major agenda in North America.

The moderator addressed key biblical themes based on that churches should hold on to the scripture in Acts 2 and Acts 4 to find their original image and role. The early church was set up following the Lord's teaching. They "shared everything and had everything in common" and also gathered daily to break bread.

Church leaders were encouraged to closely examine the core values of the early church to fully practice ways of disciples and life of the original church.

Ministers were also reminded of major focus of teaching. Apostle Paul "boldly and without hindrance" preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ according to Acts 28 verse 31. Churches should put themes of Soteriology in the major major emphasis to guide people to understand salvation through Jesus Christ in depth.

The meeting also included mission reports given by US and Canada churches. Towards Easter regional retreats, churches will make every effort to open doors to more that can be saved this season.