Embracing the Legacy of Azusa Street: A Renewed Call to Pentecostal Fire

Sign that makes the Asusa Street Mission

Recently, leaders and members of Olivet Assembly USA had the privilege of visiting Azusa Street, the site where the Azusa Street Revival catalyzed the Pentecostal movement. Standing amidst the historic echoes of fervent prayers and the lingering memories of the Holy Spirit, they were deeply moved by the historical significance and spiritual potency of this place.

Inspired by the rich legacy of Azusa Street, OAUSA is compelled to inherit and perpetuate this spiritual fervor. With a deep longing for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, they envision a revival that will reignite the Church and bring about spiritual transformation across America.

Statistics indicating a decline in Christianity within the United States underscore the urgency of this mission. According to the projections made by Pew Research, if the US holds its trend of switching out of the Christian faith, by 2070 Christianity will no longer be the majority in the States, which trend that reveals the pressing need for a genuine awakening-a revival fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Recognizing their role as agents of change, OAUSA is committed to a comprehensive approach that includes active church planting and robust discipleship training. They are driven by the vision of cultivating vibrant communities of faith where the transformative power of the Word of God is palpable, and the truth of God's love revealed through Jesus Christ is constantly proclaimed in its wholeness.

Their mission is clear: to see the power of the Holy Spirit-the Spirit of truth-sweep across the nation once again. Just the Azusa Street Revival was a fulfilment of the promise of God in Acts 2:17-18, the power of the Holy Spirit came upon sons and daughters, young and old, as well as social status: bringing down the walls of division, OAUSA leaders are praying for the same history to be written again. With unwavering faith and fervent devotion, they will press forward, confident that God will fulfill His promise to pour out His Spirit on all.