Mongolia Church Dedicates New Church Venue

God-With-Us church in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia dedicated its new church venue to the Lord during a recent Sunday service after a week where most members sincerely participated in renovations and cleaning at the site.

In the sermon from John 14:1-7, the preacher expressed thanks  to God for His grace and mercy in granting the congregation a beautiful place and for guiding them through the process of entering it.

The message expressed that while the disciples were saddened and hopeless, the Lord jesus carried the cross for them with love despite his own suffering and ultimately overcame everything. Congregants were urged to follow the path that Jesus Christ opened, urging them to live lives experiencing the death and resurrection of the Lord.

The preacher exhorted congregants to live lives in the new place that could reveal the cross and resurrection, suffering and glory and save many wandering souls in the world.

The church testifies that the Sunday service and dedication  was filled with grace and joy from the Lord, with members worshipping God with overflowing gratitude. It prays God may accept and bless the new venue.