Olivet Center Europe Focuses on the Message of the Cross During the Lent

A Lent period sermon series with a focus to meditate on the path of the Cross started in the first week of March at Olivet Center Europe (OC Europe). Congregants were called on to experience the power of the Lord's Prayer in their lives by imitating the obedience of Jesus Christ who walked towards the cross with image of the lamb.

In reference to the passage in Matthew 6:10 where Jesus states "your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven," Pastor Joao Cardoso, President of Olivet Assembly Europe, urged action that follows the words.

"When speaking these words, we must have the heart to truly live them out, to truly live according to the will of God. As we pray this and know the meaning in our hearts, we have the mind of God, just as Jesus did, giving him an obedient heart, even on the way to the cross. Then we can experience the great power coming from this prayer."

He urged attendants to acknowledge God's position as the heavenly Father of all and His faithfulness in the midst of trials or problems. He said that when people are born again through faith in Jesus Christ, they can catch a glimpse of the Kingdom of God.