Olivet Center in Europe Sunday Sermon Focused on 9 Principles of Paul's Mission

On September 29th, Sunday service was held at the Olivet Center of Europe. The sermon preached by Pastor Joao Cardoso focused on Paul's strategic methods of church planting.

The sermon stressed nine key elements of Paul's mission strategy: Self-Reliance, Urban Focused Mission, Priority in Finding the Lost Sheep of Israel, Teamwork, Pioneering, Diversity, Transcending Geographical and Cultural barriers, Reliance on God, and Unity with the Mother Church. 

The preacher expounded the mission principles of Apostle Paul who extended the boundary of Christianity beyond his cultural barrier. The apostle's uncompromising methods still speak to Christians today who seek to share the gospel beyond their hometown. 

Pastor Cardoso envisioned that the Olivet Center in Europe may serve as a mission instrument effectively by taking wisdom from Paul's pioneering principles. 

May the gospel reignite the hearts of many in the continent of Europe.