AM Intl Members Begin 'Walk With Jesus' Program With Great Expectations

AM International members have gathered to begin the very first AM "Walk With Jesus" program. The program consists of 47 days of activities, including every day from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday.

The number of interested students exceeded AM's expectations. Many students are hungry for the Word of God and are looking forward to meeting Jesus deeply during this time.

One student stated her expectations for the coming period, testifying her longing for God's word to lift the tiredness she feels. She hopes to spend much time listening the messages and inprayer, setting standards through this time to meet God personally and have fellowship with Him.

"I hope during this lent period I can set up good spiritual standards to meet God personally and have deep fellowship with him," she said. "Also to understand the sacrifice and love of Jesus who shed His blood so that I could live. Please pray for my spirit as I struggle with a lot of things and have lost peace. May this Lent become the time for me to satisfy my inner self that thirst so much to be in intimate fellowship with God."

Another member shared: "I want to know more Jesus suffering and humble heart in Jesus. I believe that I can follow Jesus path through the power of the Holy Spirit."

And finally, another testimony was: "My expectations are really high to be revived Spiritually and build up my personal relationship with God as I meditate in remembrance the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ for my sake out of His Love for me and the entire world. I hope to grow more in God's love and to learn to believe, trust, and to lean on Him more and more every day of my life."

Please pray for all the students to be revived and renewed throughout this time.