OA North America Churches Continue Strong Evangelism on College Campuses

OA North America churches are continuing to evangelize at local universities to invite many young people to attend Bible studies. In 2019, churches have begun opening evangelism on several new campuses in an effort to cast a wider net and increase the amount of Bible study students they have. In many cases, together with fellowship support, students are also being set up as leaders that can evangelize and teach Bible studies together with ministers. 

Atlanta Bethel Church recently reported they began evangelizing at Georgia Tech University while continuing Bible studies at Clark and Georgia State University. Washington DC Bethel Church also is going to the University of Maryland to hopefully establish mission activity in that state. On the West Coast, San Francisco Gratia has opened campus evangelism at many local universities including UC Berkley, USC, and San Francisco State University. 

New York Immanuel Church is continuing evangelism at NYU and Columbia together with YEF and AM ministries. Los Angeles is reaching out to UCLA, while Detroit Calvary Church continues to go to Wayne State University. Princeton in New Jersey continues to set up evangelism on the local campus while Boston is evangelizing primarily on campus in Harvard. 

Many other churches are promoting Bible studies on campuses and finding students that are receiving grace and attending services. It is very hopeful that these students will develop in faith and become future leaders that can also assist in local mission activities. Please pray together with OA North America as both the church and ministry leaders continue to pioneer campuses and bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to one more person.