Burlington Church Testifies God's Providence, Shares Vision

Agape Community Church in Burlington, Vermont testifies that God is helping the congregation grow and hopes to expand in 2019.

"God is doing it. He brings people," said a leader in the church helping the church expand. Church leadership believes doing mission is vital to the Christian faith. Burlington Agape is carrying out its work through evangelism, teaching and discipleship.

The church website is increasingly drawing more traffic and evangelism is taking place in nearby campuses. It is also trying to improve the quality of services and bible studies it offers.

The church is hopeful that God reveals his will for the church by increasing the number of ministry workers as well as registered and committed members. It looks with trust in God that it can open additional churches. The congregation is being encouraged to take advantage of programs at the regional Olivet Assembly level such as retreats and through the national OA North America's programs like Olivet Leadership Institute.

The church is praying members can become more committed and have determination to unite in Jesus Christ through these activities.  Please pray for Agape Church's members and congregants, so that their lives may reveal God's plan for their lives in Jesus Christ.