Gratia Church in Seattle Shows Signs of Mission Revival at Start of 2019

Gratia Church in Seattle, Washington is showing signs of mission revival as it welcomes many newcomers to start 2019.


The focus at the church in on evangelizing university students. Newcomers have been joining bible studies and Sunday services. The emphasis for outreach is through street evangelism and by inviting people to services and regularly scheduled bible studies. Newcomers attend study sessions on certain days of the week while regular attendants and church members join on others.


The growing church also seeks to provide more personalized lectures to newcomers as each person has different questions about the bible. Seattle church is also encouraging members' faith to grow and for their hearts to grow in love for what God is doing by encouraging members to join gatherings and retreats with other Olivet Assembly churches on the West Coast from cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and even Vancouver.


The church is encouraging prayer for mission revival in Seattle so that newcomers can make firm decisions to become committed members. Prayer is also encouraged for the church to have the spiritual wisdom to guide people to Jesus Christ and to evangelize consistently. The church is also urging prayer for the establishment of an Olivet Center in the city.


May God continually bless Seattle mission so many souls can grow in faith in Jesus Christ and with a commitment to live their lives for God's Kingdom.