AM Intl Leaders Conference on Network Expansion in January


As the AM HQ seeks to set up a strong headquarter, AM staff have been conferencing on how to better expand and reach more people around the world. One of the main goals they have set forth is to revive the international network with 100 countries and the G20 countries especially. More discussion is taking place to set up clear strategies. 

The HQ team has been giving its focus on Latin America and Africa. These regions are continually networking and seeking to add one more chapter. Most recently, AM Latin America leaders reached out to Uruguay, Argentina, and Mexico to confirm AM leaders or volunteers. Africa recently confirmed a potential leader in Nigeria and Latin America in Uruguay. They are looking to reach out to these countries as the next priorities. 

Other regions are not as strong within the AM network. The HQ is strategizing for revival in Europe and Southeast Asia especially. 

Most recently, the AM HQ leaders were reminded that AM is really blessed by God and mission will grow greatly in the new year. The leaders wish to have a bigger vision for expansion and development of the ministry. One of their focuses in this year is to set up a leader in each region, as a lamppost, for greater expansion in the weeks and months to come. 

Please continue to pray for AM's network and development from now until February.