New Year Service at OAPC Urges Devotion, Unity with Jesus Christ

Leaders in Korea gathered at the Olivet Asia Pacific Center on January 1 for the 2019 New Year's Service. Reverend Simon Jang, Representative of OA Korea, delivered the sermon from Exodus 1:15-21, John 15:5-8 and Matthew 5:3-10.

"In the Exodus 1, we can see the meaning of suffering and devotion through the story of the Hebrew midwives. When we devote our own life to the Lord wholeheartedly, the Lord will accomplish a great and wonderful thing through us."

"John 15:5-8  refers to a life that is fruitful through union with Christ. He hoped to enjoy the blessing fully and took the way of the cross. This joy is the joy Jesus showed us. If we live with this heart of the Lord, we will be able to bear fruit," he said.

Rev. Jang concluded with encouragement for every member to meditate on Matthew 5:3-10 and embrace the heart of Jesus Christ deeply, believing that God will pour out abundant grace this new year.

After the sermon, congregants praised God with the song "Stand by faith. They also held a night vigil prayer to welcome the holy new year given by God.