AM International Holds Christmas Mini-Retreat at UCSD

AM International members held a Christmas mini-retreat at UC San Diego on December 16.

The theme of the retreat was from 1 Chronicles 16:31, "Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad."  The retreat included an introduction of AM, praise, a sermon, testimonies, prayer and bible verse card gifts.

"I feel the breakthrough of faith in this process," said one participant who helped at the retreat. "I have experienced a lot of God's help. The theme that we want to convey is the meaning of the birth of Jesus, the good news of joy, and the whole heart to welcome Jesus as the Saviour of our life."

"I feel closer to God," said another participant. "It used to be difficult to believe in unconditional love. But I saw that many people prepared for us, and I feel the unconditional love and have seen God's love."

The AM members prayed for UCSD students, knowing that the power of the Holy Spirit is with the participans and guiding them.