Elim Center International Celebrates 10th Anniversary Under the Grace of God

On December 10, Elim International commemorated its 10 years of its holy ministry in a service in Dover, New York. The Olivet Center Chapel was filled with more than 100 members and staff from the US and Asia region.

The Praise and Opening Prayer was fulfilled by the Jubilee Ministry. Meanwhile, Pastor Hannah, Elim Dover Representative, delivered the sermon from the Gospel of Exodus 15:27, where the word "Elim" first appeared in the scripture.

Pastor Hannah shared God's guidance to lead the Israelites who left Egypt. God never abandoned the Israelites and instead led them to a place named Elim, a dwelling with 12 spirngs and 70 pals for a rest.

She testified about her experience on how God wipes away every tear that we have, as mentioned in Revelation 7:17.

She added that every Elim minister has her/his own hurt and tears but they were healed by God and now being used as prayer ministers who comfort and heal others.

Following the sermon, Pastor Eliana gave a brief introduction of the Elim Ministry's mission and history. The participants watched a short video presentation that explains the Elim's current ministry work and its vision for the future.

Afterward, the event included a time of prayer to give thanks to the amazing guidance and blessing of God from the last 10 years.

Elim wishes to give thanks to all those have served and continued to pray for the ministry. May Elim be an oasis of healing and restoration of many individuals, churches, and society in the new year.