Asia Pacific Missionary Conference Commences

Asia Pacific Missionary Conference


On October 17th, the Asia Pacific region commenced conference with hundreds of missionaries gathered at the Olivet Asia Pacific Center in Korea. 

The theme of the gathering is "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation (Mark 16:15)", the Great Commission that Jesus Christ gave His disciples. Rev. Simon Jang delivered the message for the opening service with the title "They were longing for a better country" taken from the passage in Hebrews 11. 


"Abraham's faith was obedient when he was called, and he proceeded without knowing where he was going. He went forward by faith, and God eventually gave Abraham the land He promised. The life of missionary should long for a new world, a greater country, and seek to constantly empty themselves [to save souls] whenever and wherever," he said.

"Abraham realized that this world is not all our home, but lived with greater hope for heaven. We must be those who live by faith with a desire for an eternal home," he continued.

From October 17th to 25th, The conference will include a tour of OAPC (Olivet Asia Pacific Center) and other offices, visit diverse tourist attractions They will share the grace that God has given and encourage each other on the mission endeavors ahead.

They will also discuss on the countries that are desparate, and how to bring the news of the gospel and the cross of Jesus Christ there. It is hoped that greater work for world mission can take place through this gathering.