San Francisco Ends 4-Day Autumn Retreat


On Oct. 7th, San Francisco Autumn Retreat offered the closing service to God. Rev. Walker Tzeng preached the sermon titled "For in this hope we were saved."

Rev. Tzemg cited the Bible verses from Romans 8:18-24, 'I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.' He explained the suffering that apostle Paul talking about in this verse. 


"We are saved in hope. Hope is so powerful and hope can move people. We have hope to save one more soul. It is the power of hope to let us live a different life to build the kingdom of God. "

Finally Pastor Walker said, 'Through retreat, creation, sin, suffering, I wish we can know hope, the hope that salvation bring to us. The hope for God's kingdom. When we know this, we have hope in us. We can truly live.'

SF Autumn Retreat offered an abundant spiritual feast for the leaders. May God helps to us to keep this grace and let the revival arise in us.