AM to Hold 2nd Annual Leadership Training in East Africa, 7 Nations to Participate

Apostolos Missions will be holding the 2nd annual Africa leadership training in Kampala, Uganda from Sept. 7-9. The leaders have prepared a Bible program for the Africa youths to grow deeper in faith and in their understanding of the Word. 


The schedule for the leadership training will include 4 lectures, 2 family seminars, presentations, seminar on university outreach, and conferences. The training will take place in 3 days of intensive studying. 

The lecture topics will be based on the Four Spiritual Laws. Students will study topics related to Creation, Fall, Salvation, and the Kingdom God throughout the training. 

Teams in Africa are currently arranging the logistics for the event. Please continue to pray for God's provision in bringing many African students to study and grow in the Word.  

Attendants from a total of 7 countries in East Africa are expected to participate in the program. 

"I am excited to join the training and expecting God to speak to me through this training. We believe that God will surely speak and teach the leaders to prepare them for the Ministry, and hopefully we will be able to raise more leaders to serve Africa," said one event leader.