YEF Held Leadership Training Session on "Biblical Leadership"

Youth Evangelical Fellowship is holding leadership training for the extensive 7-week series. The first session title was "the introduction to the biblical leadership." As many young leaders are confused with the concept of leadership from the worldly standard leaders, YEF wanted to share a clear concept and definition of leader from the biblical perspective.


All chapter leaders were invited to attend. Among the attendees, one chapter leader from US shared, "Before, I was very much focused on myself, whether I am good enough to be a leader, whether I am capable to lead people, whether I am social, whether I can stand in front of many people but still not nervous etc, which were very much worldly standard of seeing myself. Now, I have to change my perspective. I want to see myself, as a servant, a doctor, a wounded healer, who helps students and not just to deliver information and teach."

Another attendee said, the lecture clarified her ambiguous ideas on Christian leadership. She said, "it changed my concept of leadership a little bit and it put it into a more systematic way in my mind. I knew these qualities were needed but I tried to add other things onto it. But, only the thing mentioned above are needed. I have been praying to God that I would be a better leader, but now I know what specifically to pray for and practice more diligently in my life."

The Biblical leadership model was drawn from the King David: 1) Fear of God, 2) Bright and Joyful, 3) Love & Compassion.

YEF HQ will be making a simple booklet out of each lecture given throughout this leadership session.