Summer Retreat at Held at Asia Pacific Center, Meditating the Book of Acts

On August 10th, 2018 Summer retreat, which will be a turning point for the revival of Asia mission, kicked off at the auditorium of renewed OAPC by the grace of God.

The theme of the retreat is "Jesus Christ, the light of the world," and the lectures will be on the book of Acts. It will a place where we testify that there is no other name but Jesus as we inherit the faith of apostles who became the witnesses of resurrection.


The prayers of the attendees are piled up at the site, and great grace is falling upon them even before the retreat. The retreat started with the praise and worship led by Jubilee at 3pm, and the participants praised and exalted the name of the Lord together with one voice.

Pastor Jung Hwan Shin delivered the message for the opening service with the title "Seek the LORD while He may be found. Call on Him while He is near," taken from Isaiah 55:1-9. He said, "This retreat is like a banquet of grace that God opened. You are the blessed ones who have been invited to this banquet. We only need one thing during this retreat, and it is to listen to the Word of grace of God. I wish that great grace will fall upon us as we listen to grace-filled messages during this retreat."

Missionaries and leaders from Asia Pacific, East Asia, and CIS regions also have traveled a long distance to join this retreat.

After the opening service, there were an opening video and orientation followed.

Lecture 1 and prayer followed. At the lecture, Pastor Sophia Hong, the professor of Olivet Univeristy Korea introduced about Acts, and delivered why the apostles, and also us, live for the Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

She explained about four-spiritual-law with touching examples as introduction, highlighting that God is Love and Jesus Christ, who showed His perfect love is the only way to salvation.

She said, "What is written in Acts is the life we're going through. After the great grace of Holy Spirit, 120 disciples spread to preach the Truth, Jesus Christ. This retreat will be the place of this work of Holy Spirit."

Prayer gathering was led by Jubilee Korea worship band. After short testimony of Keunyuen Lee, who participated Elim Asia Leadership Training, fiery prayer had filled up the whole auditorium. Participants draw near to the cross, kneeling down to repent, and seeking for his mercy and grace. Finally, groups gathered together to share grace.

The retreat lasted for three days until August 12.

During the closing service, pastor Simon Jang, the president of OA Korea, testified to the endless trust and hope that God put in us, and the commission with the title "You are the light of the world [Matthew 5:13-16]."

Pastor Simon said, "The ones who received the Word of the Lord received commission as the light and the salt of this world. We are in the midst of fierce spiritual battle, but we already gained victory since darkness cannot overcome the light. Just as it is recorded in the book of Acts, the more it is persecuted, the more it grows explosively, and no one can stop it. In any situations, the Word of God continues to spread and flourish. This is the testimony recorded in the Bible. (Acts 12:24, 19:20) This is the history we are writing."

Lastly, pastor Simon concluded the sermon by saying, "Now we will return to our own places, and I wish that you can all live a new life, which would be different from the past, by the grace of our Lord. We go out as the Lord sends us out. We received immeasurably precious Word of the Lord and commission. This is the truth that the world needs desperately. Let us go out to that place. Boldly revealing the light from within us, let others know Jesus through us, let them return to Christ and gain life, and give glory to God together."