St. Luke Society's 6th Christian Medical Leadership Seminar


On June 23, St. Luke Society held a leadership seminar titled 'Effective Hospital Human Resource/Organizational Management' at Main Building of Korea University Medical School at 6 PM.

The leadership seminar is expected to play an important role in the outreach and expand the mobilization of the power of St. Luke Society. In this lecture, which lasted about 2 hours, a lot of Christians including Christian medical workers participated and showed a keen interest.


In particular, it was a meaningful time to think about the difficulties that come from the personnel management of the hospital organization as a Christian medical practitioner and suggest efficient communication between the leader and the team members.

Dr. Jisung Ryu, who lectured on the day, presented the Cleveland Clinic in the United States as an example of innovation in hospital/personnel management. He said, "Everyone plays an important role in treating patients, whether they are patients, doctors, cashiers or cleaners. At the time, Cleveland Hospital innovated the past concept that distinguished physicians from regular employees to that treats all members equally as a "Caregiver."

The hospital staff became 'Caregiver' who cares for the patient, not the employees, but changed the structure of cooperation for everyone's care for the patient's care.

Dr. Ryu said, "The gifts are different from person to person, and we can not say, 'You are a foot, so you are not important', but every member is a precious body that forms one body (1 Corinthians 12). Also, he emphesized the Servant Leadership with saying, "Whether he or she believe in Jesus or not in the hospital, everyone is a precious person working together for the patient, and the patient is whome Jesus sent to our hospital."