US Churches Set to Engage College Students Actively in Summer


OA Churches across the US are gearing up to reach out to university students over the summer. Event plans are being finalized which are designed to attract many college students according to their hobby and interest, but at the same time open opportunities for them to find the ultimate answer of eternal life and life through coming to know the gospel message in the Bible.


One case study is Peniel Church of New Haven which is prepared to offer various classes and activities to students from Yale University. Learning from past outreach experiences, they have prepared a weekly single's seminar to educate youths about the Biblical value of relationships, which is a topic that many need and are interested in. Free language classes are also offered for those who want to have a cross-cultural experience during the summer break.

For students who go home during the summer holidays, online Bible studies and prayer meetings are continuing to ensure that students are continually to be active in their spiritual life during the break, drawing close to God through spending time in the Word daily.

"Though students have more free time during the summer, if they are not actively engaging in activities that constantly bring them back to God, the extra freedom can work against their spiritual growth," says one U.S. church minister. "The church must be actively host many events that brings them back to God again and again, and that is how this period can become a perfect chance for them to experience a personal revival instead."