YEF Southeast Asia Covers the Region in Prayer as Pentecost Approaches


With the heart to aim breakthrough till Pentecost, YEF Southeast Asia is holding weekly prayer meeting together for the region. 

During the online meeting, they pray for regional prayer topics for 15 minutes and share the mission progress with one another.


Both YEF Vietnam and Indonesia is praying for the Pentecost retreat over the weekend, and asks for prayer over their national security during the gather, in view of recent unrest in the countries. As the Ramadan begins this week, the chapters in Muslim majority countries are also seeking for spiritual support through prayer during this time as it becomes more difficult for Christians during this time.

The YEF SEA representatives also announced prayer topics to reach more universities in the SEA, so that the regional network of parachurches can be completed.

"Please pray for YEF South East Asia to be a channel to bring Good News in this region and give glory to the Lord," said the YEF SEA staff.